RMT 0100 DS – S Band Weather Radar

FUNCEME Weather Radar - Quixeramobim/CE - Brazil

The Doppler Weather Radar RMT 0100DS is a high performance pulsed radar in the S Band, developed to detect weather phenomenon in a long range, even when the monitored area is under heavy rain. The RMT 0100DS uses modern technology with a user-friendly interface.

The digital signals processor extracts, in real time, reflectivity, velocity and spectral range data from the reflected signals dispersed in meteorological targets. Later, the data processing turns such information into meteorological products in a friendly environment that also allows controlling the radar.

The Radar System has been developed to perform as a tight knot within a meteorological network. Therefore, it allows the dissemination of raw data, products and the integration of information acquired from other meteorological sensors, such as: radars, satellites or meteorological stations.

IACIT can offer a highly customized Radar System according to our Client needs, as well as, a complete after sales logistic support and a constant radar modernization.

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