IACIT triplica estructura con nueva sede en São José dos Campos (SP)

La nueva sede integra la administración, la ingeniería de proyectos y la unidad de fabricación en el mismo sítio para obtener sinergia, comunicación y productividad

IACIT, Strategic Defense Company (EED), operates in the development of high technology products and services and now has a new home. Installed in São José dos Campos (SP), the company is now in the “Centro Empresarial do Vale”, in an area of over 2,500 m². The new headquarters now has its local activities in the same space. With this change, IACIT tripled the company's area and now has, in one place, the administrative area, the R&D areas and the manufacturing unit. Previously, the Fabril unit was in a different location in the city.

The change meets the company's strategy to increase synergy between the areas, improving communication and integration of the entire team, gaining agility in decision making.

In addition, the new structure will allow the expansion of ongoing and future projects. The new headquarters also has an auditorium for team events and training programs, nine meeting rooms and new laboratories for the Technology Engineering and Innovation area. To offer more comfort to the staff, in addition to the pleasant outdoor environment, the new headquarters also has a living area equipped with games tables, television, reading space, pantry, kitchen and eating area.

“IACIT has its innovative DNA in every discipline of the company, not just in technology. We have good growth prospects and this new environment is part of the company's strategic plan to strengthen its ability to fulfill its mission of seeking Brazil's technological autonomy in its segment. These are challenging projects of major technological importance for the country, such as the OTH 0100 (Over The Horizon) Marine Surveillance Radar, state-of-the-art Weather Radars and the Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) applied to air navigation, among others, which require suitable infrastructure for teams to work with satisfaction. This is another IACIT action focused on the future and the business continuity. This August we also celebrated the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 certification highlighting the maturity of your research and development engineering processes. People and technology building the future! ” says IACIT’s president Luiz Teixeira.

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