VHF-AM – Radio Communication VHF Aeronautical, Land-air

VHF-AM Analog and Digital Radios for the training of aeronautical ground stations, single-channel or multichannel of the Aeronautical Mobile Service (AMS).

VHF stations allows the air-to-ground communication between the aircraft pilot and the air traffic controller, allowing the transmission of air traffic control service messages (ATC) operations in Terminal Control Areas (AFIS, TWR and APP) and route (ACC) via remote VHF stations.

General characteristics

• Complies with ICAO requirements - Annex 10;

• modular construction, light and compact;

• High reliability and ruggedness for operation unanswered;

• Easy installation, operation and maintenance;

• Redundant configuration for transmitters and receivers, main radio and book with automatic switching;

• High frequency stability on off-set carrier applications;

• Low level of intermodulation products;

• self-test function.

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