Software Production
IACIT provides the market with all its know-how to build custom applications, regardless of their customers line of business. Our Engineering Software Production has processes, methodologies,
Drivers & Interfaces
It is essential for any computer system to build a human-machine interface (HMI) user friendly , as this is part of the computer system and determines how people operate and control it. When an
Fusion & Data Integration
The Data fusion is the data integration process and knowledge from various sources uncorrelated that represent or refer to the same real-world object. This technique can be applied to different
Multi-platform Solutions
IACIT's team is able to develop solutions for various platforms. Currently the portfolio of projects completed and running include systems developed in client-server architectures, back-end and
Software for Critical System & Real Time
IACIT has several Critics systems projects developed for both proprietary products to air navigation aid and for specific products for external customers. Within the IACIT philosophy for the
Engineering, Research and Development
The Search Engineering, Development & Innovation Service is a complete solution consisting of exclusive services to support our customers in all areas of knowledge and phases of the research
Technology consulting
For nearly three (3) decades IACIT has acquired extensive experience in development, production, installation and operation solutions for critical and complex systems. Our team has great experience
Project Management
Companies are increasingly turning to good project management practices by looking for better results, being on their investments, improving competitiveness, controlling and reducing costs,
Integrated Networks
Information and Communication Technologies - ICT and Automation and Control Technologies - ACT IACIT develops projects and deploys digital networks of information and communication with
Installation, Integration and Test
IACIT has extensive experience in providing implementation services and integration of equipment and systems, as well as in the delivery of turn-key solutions.   PROJECTS, DEVELOPMENT AND CUSTOMIZED
Manufacture and Tests
MANUFACTURE IACIT offers a complete manufacturing solution, starting from product development, through the purchase of materials and components, production, packaging, quality control, to delivery of
Technical Assistance and SLI
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE IACIT technical assistance services include: - Elaboration of technical assistance plans. - Implementation of preventive and corrective maintenance, factory and field. -