RCS 0400 – Remote Control System

IACIT Remote Control System RCS 0400 aims to get remotely the entire operating control equipment and integrated systems through the provision of information in real time.

This system provides an operating history of all monitored and action taken, as well as the occurrence of alarms. Monitored actions are stored in local and remote mode.

Its network operation allows control of multiple remote stations from a command center and simultaneous access for registered users and qualified second configuration tasks defined by the system administrator

The connectivity eases diversity and allows communication and may be a fixed telephone line or mobile, GPRS, 3G, IP network, broadband internet, TV and radio.

In accordance with the DAC DECEA 21-2 guideline for Implementation of Technical Management Center of the Brazilian Airspace Control System is basically composed of three modules:

• Remote Unit;
• Communication Medium;
• Software.

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