RCIEDBlocker - Electronic Counter-measure System

The SCE 0100 RCIED is a sophisticated electronic counter-measure system (JAMMER) produced by IACIT against radio controlled improvised explosive device (RCIED). The SCE 0100 RCIED is produced by IACIT, with 100% national technology.

The RCIEDBlocker is composed of SCE 0100-R equipment units, embedded in robust modules with high installation flexibility and can be used on fixed or mobile platforms, such as vehicles, briefcases and backpacks, according to the configuration version of channels and powers.

The system has the ability to block or interfere with RCIED communications and communication systems, due to its several possible configurations. This is because the action of the system is linked to the power and operating frequency range, according to the mission to be performed.

The RCIEDBlocker has the ability to operate simultaneously in several independent channels, without the need to “jump” between bands. Each channel has the ability to quickly sweep over a preset band in order to guarantee the maximum power in each frequency used.

Thereby, it is possible to block/interfere in different communication means over the frequency bands of these channels, covering great part of the communication systems such as radios, mobile phones, bluetooth, wireless, remote controls, etc.

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