Drone Jammer System

Question: Does Drone Jamming causes Drones to crash, risking people’s lives and property ?
Answer: the Drone Jammer does NOT cause Drones to crash. Upon activating the Jammer, the Drone will either land safely on the spot, or will make a safe "Return Home" (if the Jammer was not configured to jam the Drone’s GPS reception capability).

"On a Spoon” – Jamming of Communication Signals

In the last article about Jamming (“What is the effective range of your Drone Jammer?”), we have shown how the Drone Jammer’s range should be treated and calculated. In order to do so, we had to explain briefly some Jamming basics first. In order to shed some more light on the Jamming basics subject, we will try to address here some of the popular communication signals that are used nowadays, and the ways to jam them more effectively.

COMBlocker - Electronic Countermeasure System

Applied against Cellular Communication

The ComBlocker was designed to block an indoor or outdoor cellular communication, restricting the use of cell phones in designated areas for security and/or privacy reasons.

It can be used in large structures, meeting rooms, tactical missions, special operations and major events.