Nowcast - System Alert and Prevention

Following the time for prevention.

This system has a friendly and interactive interface, able to monitor rainfall events (with intensity scale, displacement forecast, wind and estimation of rain in mm / h) in a 250 km radius from the radar located in São José dos Campos, plus fog of information (satellite), lightning beyond the radius of 250 km.

It is also possible to monitor areas of interest where there is the occurrence of significant events and issue warnings in the very short term, which can be customized according to the specifications of each customer.

Another differential IACIT nowcast is portability, since the system is accessed from any device with an Internet connection - from personal computers to cell phones and portable devices.

The information linked to this weather can be observed more accurately by IACIT weather radar and thereby support information for use in various areas of interest, such as: air and land traffic, agriculture, construction, activities industrial, insurance companies, power sector, refineries, mining, environmental sector and civil defense.

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