What is Performance Based Navigation?

PBN - the concept of Performance Based Navigation

Whenever we present the air navigation systems of IACIT, we highlight that they were developed considering the concept of Performance Based Navigation, or PBN. But what is PBN, practically?

Performance Based Navigation enables for navigation procedures based not only on ground-based aids but also on satellite navigation and advanced inertial board and flight management systems. This allows the aircraft to navigate more linearly.

With higher precision routes and shorter distances, in turn, the PBN enables for a significant reduction in fuel consumption, emission of pollutant gases and even aircraft noise, once the aircraft approaches for landing in a more continuous descent and a more regular speed.

Already present in the country, PBN ensures higher efficiency in air traffic management.

Check out the main benefits, according to the information given by DECEA (Department of Airspace Control):

- Shorter distances traveled by aircraft and shorter flight time

- Less noise in landings due to a more continuous descent

- Lower cost due to fuel economy

- Less pollution

Source: DECEA / Sirius Brasil

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