Portable monitoring and control system for refrigerated cargo: this is IACIT’s highlight for Intermodal 2018

The company will also present a drone blocker system for industrial security

IACIT, a well-established Brazilian company developing high-tech products and services, has developed the exclusive RCS 0500 solution for monitoring refrigerated cargo in real time with the use of the IoT (Internet of Things) concept. This system will be showcased in the booth 3-112 at Intermodal 2018, which takes place from March 13 to 15 at São Paulo Expo.

RCS 0500 embodies the latest technology for refrigerated cargo (reefers) monitoring systems and was developed to meet market demands. It is estimated that 35% of the agricultural production in Brazil goes to waste, and the reasons for that include inadequate storage and transportation lacking proper refrigeration or monitoring. Not only food but also industrial products and medicines require adequate transportation and storage for ensuring a longer shelf life. Without that, a cargo can deteriorate and cause great losses along the logistic chain.

In face of that, the RCS 0500 system is an innovative solution for online reefer monitoring. Since it is portable, easy to use and allows storing information in a cloud or a client’s database, the telemetric system performs monitoring in an adaptable fashion (the user defines how often he or she will receive updates), keeping data safe through cryptography and georeferencing.

The collection unit provides an easy way for attaching and connecting to the reefer, without interfering in logistic processes of entrance, exit or pilling of containers. As it is connected to the reefer controller, the collection unit extracts data automatically and connects to the concentrator via Wi-Fi for transmitting information in a secure manner and real time. The concentrator unit establishes a connection to the cloud system, thus enabling users to access information in a safe Web environment.


Industrial Security

IACIT also operates in the defense and security industry and will present at Intermodal 2018 its DRONEBlocker, a solution for protection against drone threats. DRONEBlocker is an ideal solution for industrial complexes and sites that are strategic for security, preventing criminals from accessing confidential information and entrepreneurial routines.

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