Drone Neutralization As was explained in Part 1 of this article, we will prefer an automatic neutralization mechanism (without the need for a person involved). However, in the area of Drone neutralization, it appears that many solutions in the form of a “Gun” have appeared recently, so it is worth a thorough discussion. Let us use it as a test case, through which we will try to learn how to analyze the performance (efficiency and effectivity) of a neutralizing system, considering as much parameters as possible in our evaluation.    Several companies are offering a “Net Gun”, which is taking
Drone Detection As was explained during Part 1 of this article, we will prefer an automatic detection mechanism. We can distinguish between four (4) different detection technologies / means: Radar RF Receiver Camera Acoustic Sensor Following is a short explanation of each technology, with its advantages and disadvantages: 1. Radar Short description: The Radar transmits RF signals, and detects Drones by analyzing the small change in frequency of the return/reflected signal (echo). The signal reflected from the Drone’s propellers has a special “signature” (behavior), allowing the Radar to “
The first week of April will be vibrant and remarkable for IACIT. For the first time, we will participate in Intermodal South America, in São Paulo from April 04 ͪ to 06 ͪ. Considered as the biggest event in the Americas for the Logistics, Freight Transport and Foreign Trade sectors, Intermodal is a strategic platform for launching new products, forming partnerships and business generating. In its previous edition, Intermodal was visited by more than 45 thousand people during the three days of the event and was attended by several authorities from 60 countries. Intermodal will be a great
LAAD Defense & Security 2017 is considered the largest Defense and Security Exhibition in Latin America, and will take place from 04 to 07 of April in Rio de Janeiro. LAAD 2017 will host 195 official delegations from 85 countries around the world, promoting great national and international exposure and opportunities to IACIT. At LAAD, IACIT will present its technologies and products for Defense and Public Security, CNS/ATM, Telemetry and Metereology. The solutions that will be displayed are: OTH 0100, DRONEBlocker, COMBlocker, RCIEDBlocker, C2I, DME 0200, QUADRANTE 0100 (ADS-B/MLAT), RCS
Part 1 The threat Much was spoken about the variety of new threats that commercial Drones have brought into our lives. However, it seems that the authorities have not “fully digested” this threat yet, and are failing to respond quickly enough, while dangerous events are beginning to accumulate in large quantities. Luckily, the majority of these dangerous events is still unintentionally caused, mainly due to inadequate flying skills of Drone operators. However, the number of intentionally caused events is rapidly increasing with each passing day. The Drones low cost, high availability,
You are our special guest to know all our solutions for Defense and Public Security, CNS / ATM, Meteorology and Telemetry. Visit our stand!   Event Data: February19 - 23, 2017 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Stand: Brazil Pavillon 09-B20
The Trade Show takes place 27-29 September in Brasilia. In this edition of the show, IACIT has released the the RCIEDBlocker, is a sophisticated electronic counter-measure system (JAMMER) produced by IACIT against radio controlled improvised explosive device (RCIED). The SCE 0100 RCIED is produced by IACIT, with 100% national technology. The RCIEDBlocker is composed of SCE 0100-R equipment units, embedded in robust modules with high installation flexibility and can be used on fixed or mobile platforms, such as vehicles, briefcases and backpacks, according to the configuration version of
Rede Record cobre demonstração do Sistema de Contramedida Eletrônica - JAMMER projetado e priduzido pela IACIT.
  Em 21 de julho a IACIT demonstrou o funcionamento do seu Sistema de Contramedida Eletrônica - JAMMER. O DroneBlocker, com aplicação contra Drones foi projetado e produzido pela IACIT, com tecnologia 100% nacional.
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