New Business Manager IACIT received the certification of completion of the Strategic Defense Resources Management Course
New Business Manager João Paulo Ishida, representative of IACIT, received the certification of completion of the Strategic Defense Resources Management Course (CGERD), promoted by the Superior School of War (ESG), with the support of FIESP. Besides the theoretical classes, the course counted on technical visits to the facilities of the Armed Forces, allowing to know closely the laboratories of research and the strategic projects of the Forces. "The course is very interesting. I recommend more people to do it. With him we can learn the strategic vision of the Armed Forces, in relation to
Widely used Communication Signals types
In the last article about Jamming (“What is the effective range of your Drone Jammer?”), we have shown how the Drone Jammer’s range should be treated and calculated. In order to do so, we had to explain briefly some Jamming basics first. In order to shed some more light on the Jamming basics subject, we will try to address here some of the popular communication signals that are used nowadays, and the ways to jam them more effectively. It is also the moment to mention, that these communication signals are widely used, not only in Drone applications but in many other applications too (e.g.
You are our special guest!
IACIT will participate in the EXPODEFENSA 2017 fair in Bogota, Colombia. We will integrate the Brazil Pavilion, presenting our main solutions and products, such as: DRONEBlocker, DME 0200 and OTH 0100.   Date: 4th, 5th and 6th of December.Location: Cra. 40, Bogotá, ColombiaStand: Hall 11-16 / Stand 124 (Pavilhão Brasil)
In this article, we will try to elaborate on the way an appropriate solution is tailored to fit the user’s needs.
As much as we would like it to be, a complete Drone Detection & Neutralization system is not a product that one can buy in a supermarket. Many customers come to us with the common question of “how much does your Anti-Drone system cost?”, and as much as we would like to be able to provide them with a quick answer, it is usually impossible; there are quite a few parameters that we need to evaluate before being able to answer this important question.    Let’s examine some of the major parameters that may have a dramatic effect on the Anti-Drone system’s size and price:   1) The nature of the
Solution was developed to meet the demand of the Army
IACIT, a Brazilian company that develops technological solutions of high complexity, participated in the Symposium on the Legacy of AAAe (Anti-Army Air Artillery) the Major Events, promoted by EsACosAAe (School of Artillery of Coast and Antiaircraft) at the invitation of DECEx (Department of Education and Culture of the Army) . The event, held at the headquarters of EsACosAAe in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), had, among other objectives, promoted the debate about security in major events using the means of antiaircraft defense. IACIT, represented by New Business Manager, João Paulo Ishida, gave a
Introducing the Electronic Countermeasure System
IACIT is participating in the AMAZONLOG Expo 2017 fair, with the IAI partner (Israel Aerospace Industries). There we are presenting innovative products and solutions, among these solutions the DROEBlocker system, 100% national solution, developed by IACIT and used by the Brazilian Army during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Date: 26th, 27th and 28th of September, from 8am to 5pm. Location: Manaus, Amazonas
Dori Goren - (Israel's Consul General in São Paulo) knows the company
This Thursday, August 24, we received an illustrious visit from His Excellency Mr. Dori Goren (Consul General of Israel in São Paulo), a diplomat with 30 years of experience in positions in Brazil and abroad. During a visit, an institutional presentation meeting was held, a brief summary on a history of IACIT and the main products and projects. IACIT greatly appreciates a presence, it was a great honor to welcome you to our headquarters.  
how range calculations and/or measures of a jamming “link” are performed
When presenting your Drone Jammer to potential clients, the first question asked is always the same: “What is the range of your Drone Jammer ?” Unfortunately, most clients are familiar with communication links and equipment, but are much less familiar with jamming concept and equipment. Therefore, they do not understand why there is no “simple” nor single answer for this question. The intention of this article is to explain how range calculations and/or measures of a jamming “link” are performed. Clearly, the Jammer does not establish a “link” with the victim, but we can look at the
PAME members know our company
In the same week that we had the illustrious presence of CISCEA at IACIT, on July 13, we received the special visit of PAME’s members with the presence of Colonel Marques, Colonel Mauricio, Major Cléber and Captain Carla. During the visit we presented the timeline with the main contracts already executed in partnership with PAME, in addition to presenting our facilities, part of the IACIT’s team, new solutions in our portfolio and the main projects under development. IACIT is grateful for the honorable visit and we are always open to welcome you.  
During the visit was presented the main projects executed by IACIT
Last Tuesday (11/07), we had the honor to receive the illustrious visits of Brigadier Sérgio Roberto de Almeida (President of CISCEA) and Colonel Rubem Muller Schneider (Vice-President of CISCEA). During the visit  was presented the main projects executed by IACIT, current capabilities and perspectives in the development of solutions focused on airspace control and safety,  in addition to a tour in IACIT headquarters and factory facilities. At the end of the visit, we honorably received a honor plaque prepared in recognition of the services provided by IACIT during those years of partnership