Dual Polarization S-band Doppler Weather Radar

The RMT 0200 is a S Band Meteorological Radar developed for detection of long distances Meteorological Phenomena, which operates in dual polarization with Solid State Amplifier technology.

The IACIT Meteorological Radar combines state-of-the-art technologies for locating and monitoring atmospheric conditions, being among the most recommended sensors for mesoscale weather supervision and forecast known as nowcasting.

It has a transceiver based on Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology which is capable to generate a number of Nonlinear Frequency Modulation (NLFM) signal patterns to mitigate sidelobe effects.

As a function of a radiating system with a 1 degree of beamwidth for horizontal and polarizations simultaneously, the RMT 0200 allows the classification of meteorological events according to the type and behavior of hydrometeors.

It has an extensive range of products focused on Meteorology, enabling decision support in the areas of Air Traffic Control, Civil Defense, Agriculture, Water Resources Management and Research and; Development Centers.

The Radar System has a software package that covers all system analysis, supervision and operation needs, including Command and Meteorological Control through the Web, allowing integration to Air Traffic Control Systems through SWIM (System Wide Information Management).

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