DRONEBlocker SCE0100

Nowadays, security forces around the world are facing a new type of threat: radio-controlled Drones, flying or hovering over stadiums, prisons and places of great concentration of people, which may pose threats such as:
- Spying, recording and transmission of unauthorized videos;
- Transport of explosives, illegal goods and other products;
- Assassination of VIP, terrorist attacks and other threats.
To combat this new type of threat, IACIT presents its “DRONEBlocker” solution, which is able to block the Drones/SARP from long distances.
• Military version (DRONEBlocker 0100) and civil version (DRONEBlocker 0200);
• The system monitors, detects, alerts and acts against Drone’s attack attempts; the system is composed of Cameras, RF Receiver, Acoustic Sensors (Optional), Radar (Optional) and Jammer, all integrated;
• 24/7 protection, completely independent operation (operators are not required), with the generation of event records;
• Flexibility in the configuration of the system, with product versions featuring an output power of 1W, 10W, 50W e 100W per channel;
• Installation of antennas on the rooftop of the structures to be protected, or on portable masts in case of special tactical missions or big events protection;
• Was used with great success during the Olympic Games RIO2016 by the Armed Forces;
• Was demonstrated with great success in various countries, in tens of different infrastructures (airports, critical structures, etc.);
• System price is extremely competitive.