DRONEBlocker SCE0100

Making Your Sites Safe against Drones
The number of incidents and collision risks with drones keeps increasing all over the world. Prisons, airports, power plants and other sensitive sites and critical infrastructures where security is a major issue, are more prone to these occurrences.
As an effective solution for those issues, IACIT provides full protection against drones with hostile purposes such as intelligence gathering, smuggling or as weaponized platforms.
IACIT’s family of advanced jamming counter-UAV solutions can be used both as an integrated solution with Detection, Identification and Tracking sensors, and also in Stand-alone configuration. The jamming signals immediately disrupts all control and navigation of the treating drones causing them either to return to theirs respective point-of-origin (‘Return Home' function) or to shut down and make a safety landing positioning IACIT’s DroneBlocker system as the most effective solution against drones swarm.
The DroneBlocker was successfully employed by the Brazilian Army in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics Games.