DME 0200 - Distance Measuring Equipment

Integrity, reliability and ease of maintenance are the cornerstones of the DME 0200 system design, being extremely compact and easy to operate.

The DME 0200 is state-of-the-art and uses cutting-edge technology, including frequency generation by digital synthesizers, solid-state RF power stages, microprocessors for local/remote control, main system processing and monitoring with Complex Hardware Circuits (FPGA).

The equipment has a high degree of modularity, alarms logging, local indication of module-level failures associated with test points on the front panel and local/remote fault indication through the user interface (HMI).

The DME 0200 can be powered directly by AC voltage or DC voltage from a battery bank, making it unnecessary to use inverters for emergency power. This feature allows the equipment to remain in normal operation in case of failures in the primary network.

The DME equipment has been built for unattended operation at remote locations, and can be provided in the DOUBLE TRANSPONDER/DOUBLE MONITOR or SINGLE TRANSPONDER/SINGLE MONITOR configuration.

The equipment meets or exceeds all ICAO - Annex 10, Amendment 87 requirements,allowing interoperability with all radio navigation instruments currently available on the market.

The DME 0200 has been tested under the most diverse conditions in order to ensure its full operation regardless of the installation location.

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