Defense and Public Safety

Aligned with the Defense Strategy of Brasil

In the Defense and Public Safety segment, IACIT develops, manufactures and installs equipment and systems applied to the Maritime Surveillance, Military Communication and electronic counter measures (Jammers).

The company also provides to its customers integrated logistic support with technical training, preventive and corrective maintenance 24 hours per day for airborne radars.

- ELM 2022 - Multi-mode Surveillance Radar

- OTH 0100 - Over-the-horizon Maritime Radar

- MINIPOP - Optical Cameras

- POP - Optical Cameras

- MOSP - Optical Cameras

- C2I - Command, Control and Intelligence System

- RCS 0400 - Remote Control and Monitoring System Communication

- Military Communication System

- DRONEBlocker - Electronic Countermeasure System 

- COMBlocker - Electronic Countermeasure System 

- RCIEDBlocker - Electronic Countermeasure System