COMBlocker - Electronic Countermeasure System

Applied against Cellular Communication

The ComBlocker was designed to block an indoor or outdoor cellular communication, restricting the use of cell phones in designated areas for security and/or privacy reasons.

It can be used in large structures, meeting rooms, tactical missions, special operations and major events.

Blocking cellular communication is performed by generating interference in the transmission bands of the RBS (Radio Base Station) throughout the mission, without relying on any detection system to trigger the jammer system.

It is possible to use one or more units to cover all desired frequency bands, for example, when there is a need to block radio and other communication.

The IACIT‘s ComBlocker has various configurations and can be mounted in a portable or ruggedize hack, thus, to be operated in different locations, platforms and environmental conditions.

The IACIT’s ComBlocker has multiple output power settings per channel: 1W, 10W and 50W.


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