C2 I - Command and Controle System

IACIT Command, Control and Intelligence Solution - C2I

IACIT´s C2I is an advanced system that integrates data from different types of sensors and provides a real-time and geo-referenced framework of the situational awareness for the scenario, able to provide predefined tactical recommendations of actions that support the commanders’ decision.

The areas of interest are covered by the distribution of various terrestrial, marine and airborne surveillance sensors, operated locally or remotely, monitoring the activities and the location of all operative forces in the area, providing this data to the Command, Control and Intelligence Center (C2I).

IACIT´s C2I correlates intercepted data from all sensors, generating a real-time frame of situational awareness. With this intelligently synthesized frame, commanders can obtain all necessary information for decision-making, providing greater efficiency and effectiveness.

IACIT´s C2I also allows monitoring and controlling of the infrastructure in the network, concentrating various monitoring points in a single layer. C2I is able to work in multi-layer, facilitating the operation and visualization of the operator at the highest level.

In addition to issuing alerts for occurring events, on the operating screen as well as in other media such as registered phones, email, etc.

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